ExtenzaLife is Massive Dynamic’s medical and biological sciences subsidiary, which specializes in creating products and services to improve personal health and wellness. ExtenzaLife works closely with hospitals, physicians, and pharmacists to provide seamless service delivery to its valued customers.


Why visit the doctor twice a year, when you could have your own personal physician by your side, 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

HealthRemote is ExtenzaLife’s signature health maintenance system, whose mission is to facilitate convenient, comprehensive, and instantaneous communication between doctors and patients. HealthRemote’s unique suite of products allows for real-time remote monitoring of your health status by healthcare professionals.

Patients equipped with our unobtrusive electronic devices -- embedded in shoes, belts, wristwatches, and other personal accessories -- can go about their daily routines uninterrupted. Meanwhile, a steady stream of data on blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, cholesterol level, and other vital health measures flows wirelessly to our centralized database, where the information is processed and analyzed by a team of experts. If any new health conditions or concerns arise, the patient is notified immediately by telephone, email, and text message.

More importantly, the HealthRemote system promotes the collection of complete longitudinal data on vital health statistics. When your doctor has access to continuous blood pressure readings for an entire year, rather than just one measurements every few months, he can make superior judgments about your health needs and treatment options.

We believe that HealthRemote is the destiny of health maintenance. Soon, you will no longer have to decide when and if you need to visit the doctor, because HealthRemote will notify both of you whenever the need arises -- and even schedule the appointment for you. The future of your health is in good hands!


Wouldn’t dieting be simpler if you really preferred broccoli to pizza? Wouldn’t it be easier to exercise if you actually liked jogging better than television?

We’re all human, and we’re all plagued by desires that really aren’t the best for our health. But it doesn’t have to be that way! There’s a smarter, healthier, happier self somewhere inside, and RealMe is all about bringing out the better you.

The RealMe product line exemplifies ExtenzaLife’s unique approach to self-management. Our experts will help you design a personalized full-life health and wellness plan. From taste bud training to neurolinguistic programming to preference landscaping, they will provide you with the tools to acquire better personal habits.

And the toolkit keeps on growing. Our research team is already designing the next generation of personal incentive devices, whose gentle nudges will dissuade you from indulging in identified destructive habits and point you toward healthier options. The program’s predictive logic will even foresee potential temptations and finds ways to steer you toward more healthful environments. More than ever, RealMe is your guide to finding your true self, learning how to want what you want to want, and becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.